Fans and Visitors want Hardtickets!

Give them real memories which last.

Hardtickets are true treasures.

Printed tickets develop patina over time. If you rediscover them years later in your old jeans jacket, you immediately remember the mud fight at the open-air festival in 1996, the time when you still carried the most important things around with you all the time. That’s real life!

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Hard tickets are collectors’ items.

A QR-code is an ephemeral item. It disappears immediately after it has been redeemed. Hard tickets are defiant, persistent documents of unique experiences that you never want to forget. Suddenly, memory flares up again. Even crumpled, faded, torn, these tickets are very special souvenirs for hundreds of thousands of people.

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Hardtickets are passion to touch.

Give your client companies and their audience something to hold in their hands. With Hardtickets in your portfolio, your company takes a decisive step into the future! Because in times of AI and digitalisation, the longing for something tangible and real is growing. For something that can be held on to. People want to celebrate their experiences again and have tangible memories – for the very special moments in their lives.

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