Passion to touch. Hardtickets.

Your customers and fans want hardtickets! Give it to them.

Do you remember what a concert or festival felt like 20 or 30 years ago? – Back then, concert tickets were still made of real paper! There were no digital tickets with QR codes for concerts of legends and events like Pink Floyd with “The Wall” in Berlin in 1990, for Tina Turner, the Stones, for Bob Dylan, the Toten Hosen, the Scorpions or Genesis.

We burned for these concerts. We stood in line for hours to get a ticket. We pinned the tickets to our fridges like trophies, pasted them into albums, collected them, sanctified them, revered them and celebrated them. There was no smartphone, no Facebook, no Instagram, no TikTok, no YouTube. There was only this: Anticipation. Euphoria. Passion. Good feelings. And with every concert ticket, a real, tangible memory.

Fans want tangible anticipation. A real experience. And a lasting memory.

Fans want tickets they can touch. To have something in their hands. Celebrate the anticipation. To show and post the pride of their participation. Every hard ticket is a trophy. A tangible, lasting memory. A collector’s item. And a sought-after gift idea.

You want to relive the emotion, feel it again! To look at their ticket again and again, present it, post it, share it, celebrate it – and pin it on their fridge like we did back then. They are proud to be able to show everyone: I was there!

Give your fans real tickets in their hands – with orgafly®!

You would like to offer high-quality hard tickets now? Without financial risk? With automated processes from creation to personalisation, print and shipping? You would like to earn money from the first day of hard ticket sales without having to do much? – Congratulations! With orgafly® you have found the perfect solution.

With hard tickets in your portfolio, you strengthen your brand.

With orgafly® you create your ticket layouts in-house – even without an agency! You can implement your own ticket design for each ticket category with little effort. Simply use the images and designs that you already post on Facebook, Instagram & Co. This will strengthen the presence of your brand in the long term. And you can use the cover letter for the ticket delivery for your advertising messages.

Maybe your company already sends out hard tickets?

But how do you organise the processes? – Do you sit in the back office on weekends and after work and wrap tickets by hand? Have you ever calculated how much manpower is needed for this – and what it costs you additionally? – With orgafly® this is history!

Hardtickets bring you additional money – through sponsoring areas.

Use the back of the hardticket as a lucrative advertising space for possible sponsoring and advertising partner companies. You can offer them attractive space for colourful, concise advertising messages – and thus increase your income!

Conclusion: Hardtickets created with orgafly® are worthwhile in every respect!

You want to know more? – Get in touch with us! We look forward to hearing from you.